Environment Variables Management E2E encrypted

Encrypted Secrets Management

Tired of sharing environmental variables over email and Slack?

Are solutions like Vault too complicated and 1Password too clunky?

Sync your secrets with CloudEnv, the easiest and most secure secret management platform there is.

$ bash -c “$(curl -fsSL https://app.cloudenv.com/install.sh)”
$ cloudenv login                 # run this on any server that needs access
$ cd /var/apps/sampleapp
$ cloudenv init                  # generate a 256-bit key that we never see
$ cloudenv push default .env     # push existing env vars
$ cloudenv edit                  # edit env vars
$ rm .env                        # you don’t need old insecure secrets
$ pip install cloudenv

import cloudenv


Environmental Variables Are Broken

Keeping ENV vars In Sync, up-to-Date and Secure is Hard

In a world of increasing cyber attacks, keeping your secrets private is getting increasingly difficult. 

We Solve Real Problems

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Full Audit Trail

You get an email whenever someone tries to access your secrets from an IP you haven’t seen before. Every access attempt is logged and auditable.

Environment Firewalls

Control access to your secrets by creating allow/deny firewalls by IP and subnets. You can setup progressively more strict firewalls on more production environments.


Give your entire team instant access to CloudEnv through industry standard SAML SSO (available from G Suite and others)

Easy Intuitive CLI

If you can use Heroku, you can use CloudEnv.

We Never See Your Secrets

You will never give us your encryption key, all the encryption happens on your computers.

Built-in Version Control

We keep an encrypted history of your environmental variables over time, so if you need to revert, you can.

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