End-to-End Encryption Security

You are never sharing your secrets with us because we can never decrypt them. We don’t store your encryption key, only you do. So the only person who can see or edit them is you.

IP Restrictions

Limit who can access your secrets at any time with an Environment Firewall. You put a firewall on your servers, so why don't you put a firewall on your secrets too? Now you can with CloudEnv.

Keep a Revision History

Sometimes people mess up. Now you can keep a history of all the changes to your secrets over time without relying on keeping them in a git repository. Git is great for code, but should not be used for secrets.

Audit Logs for Your Secrets

We keep all access attempts (and failures!) for you to be able to have the ability to audit your secrets at any time.

Track Geolocation of Access

Where in the world are people trying to access your secrets? Now you can know at a glance. Built-in maps show the location of every access attempt.

We are here

Yet another way you can make sure that only your team is accessing your secrets

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